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Potters Tour
October 21 & 22, 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Indiana County - Western PA

last update 8/23/2017

Windblown Studio

Rita Nichols

596 Wulfert Rd,
Rochester Mills, PA 15771

Windblown Studio Picture from the road


1. RT 119 To Marchand
2. Turn east on Leasure Run Rd.
3. Go 2 1/2 miles and turn left on Wulfert Rd
4. Go 1/2 mile, The studio is the building with the blue roof on the right.

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Windblown Studio was designed and created to provide an environment for creating with clay. It is a working and teaching studio with a focus on clay.

When she is not teaching, Rita creates functional pieces with careful attention to detail and a touch of artistic elegance.

More information can be found at windblownstudio.com.

Guest Potters:

    Stacy Datsko
    Neil Fallon
    Fred Wilbur

Rita Nichols:


Rita Nichols has been an artist and potter for over 30 years and has studied at universities and art institutes in California, Indiana, Colorado and Pennsylvania. She holds a B. S. degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

As a freelance artist she has worked in various mediums; oils, pastel, photography, lithography, woodcut, stone sculpture and clay. As a scientific illustrator and graphic artist, she felt that working with clay was an antidote to the strict and meticulous methodology of commercial art. Finally, clay has become more than her personal medium. It is her main focus and gives her the satisfaction and freedom of expression that has always been, for her, the essential appeal of clay.


Artist Statement:

When I was five, my mother gave me some modeling clay and I was hooked. Clay has always appealed to my tactile sense and stimulated my creativity. The idea that I can shape a chunk of the earth into a form and then fire it to a stoneware state still amazes me. I love making a dish that I can bake in or eat out of. I hope that by sharing my pots and the knowledge of making them, I can encourage people to recognize the connection we all have with the earth.

My studio used to be relegated to a dark basement, a cold porch, a drafty barn, or a crowded spare room. When I rented dedicated space in an old mill building with tall ceilings and great light, I realized just how important the environment is to the creative process.

Windblown Studio was designed with a focus on providing that environment. It has high ceilings, white walls, wooden beams, warm floors, and lots of open space. It is a peaceful yet stimulating place in which to work.



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