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Potters Tour
October 21 & 22, 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Indiana County - Western PA

last update 10/4/2017

Windblown Studio
Guest Potter: Neil Fallon

596 Wulfert Rd,
Rochester Mills, PA 15771

Guest Potter: Neil Fallon

Artist Statement:

"Every child knows the tactile pleasure of hand-mixing water and clay to make mud.  I was fortunate enough to have this simple joy channeled by a very patient teacher and, with a little luck, have spent the past 40 years enjoying the feel of wet clay.

I spend most of my studio time building teapots.  The accomplishment of making the parts, putting them together into a form that is functional, beautiful, balanced and with drip resistant spouts pushes me to develop the very best form I can.  This experimentation led me to develop my ergonomic teapot handle."



Windham, New Hampshire artist Neil Fallon is a mostly self taught from his early introduction to clay in high school. His influences were aligned with the Bauhaus art and architectural movement of pre-World War II Germany and the potter Marguerite Wildenhain. Achieving the exacting Bauhaus requirements (uniform thrown wall, proper foot and well-balanced rim) were his first challenges.

Over the years Neil has allowed the mixture of earth, water, and fire to be more fluid and has relaxed the exacting Bauhaus elements.  With this relaxation have come the exploration of sculpture, functional and alternate wheel thrown and hand built forms and glaze technique.  The combination of which is embodied in the simple teapot.  
 Neil Photo
Neil discovered acceptable variations of glazing when he began to fire his high-fire white stoneware in a gas kiln under reduction conditions.  He has experimented with Shino and Tenmoku glazes for the past ten years and has just recently expanded his glaze pallet to include a few more colors.

He continues to explore gas firing techniques and experiment with the allusive Shino glaze.  Neil maintains an Etsy site www.rockpondpottery.etsy.com to sell his teapots, tea bowls and other items.  


Below are some samples of his work: