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Potters Tour
October 21 & 22, 2017
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Indiana County - Western PA

last update 10/4/2017

Windblown Studio
Guest Potter: Fred Wilbur

596 Wulfert Rd,
Rochester Mills, PA 15771

Guest Potter: Fred Wilbur

Artist Statement:

"I watched my wife, Rita, make pots for about ten years before I decided to try it myself. I asked a friend to teach me, thinking a friend teaching me would be better on our relationship than if Rita taught me. So I took his class, the marriage stayed healthy and afterwards, I started learning from Rita and people in her studio. I achieved enough skills to know that being a potter takes time, energy, dedication, talent, attention to detail, and a love to create with clay. I will never be the artist and potter Rita is, for I have far too many other passions that take my attention and energy.

However, I do love to sit at a wheel, throw a hunk of clay on it and create. It is positively one of the most relaxing, rewarding experiences one can learn to do. Ever now and then, I make something that is worthy of sharing with someone else.

I also love to help Rita teach in the studio. Because my background lies in being analytical and I don't throw enough for it to become a rote activity, I find I'm able to relate to beginners and suggest things they can do to overcome struggles they have.. I often joke that I work hard to maintain my novice status. I love making pots, but never want to be known as an expert. That is reserved for those work much harder at it than I do."


Fred worked in the 'high-tech' industry developing software and mananging projects. When he dropped out of college in 1962, he promised himself he would someday finish his degree. Forty years later in 2002 he got his degree in MIS (Management and Information Science).

That same year, being frustrated with laying people off, he put his own name on the layoff list. The third time he did that, it was accepted and, afer 45 years, he found himself out of the industry.

He, and Rita, moved to western PA, built a house with a pottery studio in it, and basically became a free agent, working on his agenda instead of someone's else. He still dabbles in technology, reads, hikes, and plays the piano and stick with his dog.

He has become the fire master for Raku and gas firings and generally helps Rita maintain the studio and throws part time. His pottery has the influence of those he has learned from, suggestions from his wife, and the results of the creativity that builds inside him. Every now and then, something pushes him to sit down at the wheel, throw a hunk of clay on it and create.

Below are some of his pottery:

Shino cup fired in gas kiln

Raku vase

shino bowl fired in gas kiln


Porcline fired in oxidation kiln


shino mug fired in gas kiln