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Potters Tour
October 21 & 22, 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Indiana County - Western PA

last update 10/4/2017

JR Studio (at Artists Hand)

JR Sherburne

732 Philadelphia Street
Indiana, PA 15701



Artist Hand

JR Sheburne is an artist in residence at "The Artists Hand" gallery in Indiana, PA.


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JR Sherburne

Artist Statement:

Pots Are a Lot Like People

Pots have feet and bellies,
shoulders and throats, lips and
mouths. Pots have personality; they
can be brash or humble, classic or
flashy, understated and subtle or
in-your-face provocative. Each is
unique, no two the same.

Pots have history. The oldest
objects made by man are pots.
They speak to Gods and home, they
talk politics and love, and they mark
weddings and death. Pots
commemorate great deeds and
mundane daily events.

And yet good pots make you smile,
they nestle in your hand, they
quietly accompany you during early
morning rituals. Pick one up, feel it.

Pots are forever.

JR at the wheel


J.R. Sherburne is the resident potter in the acclaimed Artists Hand Gallery in downtown Indiana Pennsylvania. He has been a potter since the mid 1970’s and has worked in studios in Ohio, Indiana, Florida, California and his own native Kentucky.

His sturdy functional porcelain vessels have been informed by the English Craftsmen movement and early Colonial works. J.R. combines precision forming with free flowing slip trailed decoration to seek a balance between spontaneity and exactitude. Each piece striving for a singularity; what he has termed ‘the coolness of being”.

Come to Downtown Indiana on the tour, a fine venue for eating, drinking and shopping. Stop in for a chat, a cup of Joe, see and feel the fine smooth porcelain J.R. has created for this event.

Samples of Pottery