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Potters Tour
October 21 & 22, 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Indiana County - Western PA

last update 10/4/2017

Circle T Ceramics

Robertshaw Building, Room 19
199 Robertshaw Drive
Indiana, PA 15701

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Guest Potter: Xiubo (Pearl) Pearce

Artist Statement:

"My artwork is inspired by Chinese culture. In my art work, I connect ancient Chinese figures and contemporary art. Since I became an Art Studio Art double major at IUP, my methods and artistic style have evolved beyond what I learned in China. I specialize in Ceramics.

After I took a beginning ceramics class, I found out that I like to use my hands to touch the soft clay, and use it to make potteries. I use many Asian elements, especially Japanese and Chinese elements. I researched Ming and Qing Dynasty ceramics during college ceramics studio classes. I learned new information about different types of materials and skills. I united 2D drawing and 3D ceramics works together, when I used ceramics pencils to paint pictures on ceramics pieces. I used a variety of materials and processes in each project. Every work often consists of multiple skills. Recently, I focus on crystalline glazes research. The crystalline glaze I created are mild-range fire that could fire at cone 6 temperature. They base on high fire crystalline gaze. But they still not perfect and still need to improve.

As a result of the art work I did fast couple years, I have further developed as an artist. I have had the opportunity to expand my skills, methods, and techniques beyond what I learned in China. I have evolved as an artist and learned new artistic mediums as a result of my experience. In the future, as a teacher and artist, I will use what I have learned at IUP to stress the importance of art in culture and to help people explore their art skills and potentially become artists as well."


Xiubo Cui Pearce was born in 1982 in a village in Northern China close to the border with North Korea. As soon as she could read, she started teaching herself while attending the local school within the village. At the age of 13 she was accepted into a boarding school approximately 60 miles away from her home. While attending the boarding school, she was a good student and progressed quickly. After Middle School, Cui Pearce was accepted into the Chao Yang First Normal Technical School. After high school, she returned to her village and taught elementary school for one year. In 2006 she was accepted into the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts University in Shenyang City. She taught high school part-time while attending the university. After Cui Pearce graduated from the university, she became a high school art teacher. In 2012 she came to the United States and in the same year she married. In 2013 she enrolled at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the Art Education undergraduate program. In 2015 she added Studio Art as a second degree. She currently has a 4.00 GPA and is a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. Cui Pearce graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in December, 2017.

Samples of work:

tea set

mugs and tea

wonderful bowl